Friday, March 20, 2009

Learning is Fun

I guess that I have become a once-a-year blogger. Maybe I'll change that, maybe not. I don't have the patience. So anyways, I thought that I would devote this post to the joy of college and the importance of learning. Yesterday I took my second History of the Modern Middle East exam and it was difficult, although I did much better than I had done on the first test (possibly because I basically have 2 tutors and have attended every possible review session). In all of this though, i was thinking about why I study and what my purpose is in taking classes like these: clearly, it is to learn. So, I am trying to change my attitude in my classes from "what do I need to know for the test?" To "how I can better learn and apply the material.?" Inspiring huh? Yes, yes I know. So, I am going to try and actually LEARN not just memorize so that I can later regurgitate the material for the test and then forget it. So this is my goal. We'll see how it goes. The above picture is what inspires me to keep on keepin' on- soon I will be home with my sister!

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