Tuesday, October 06, 2009



"Virginians! Virginians! For your lands. For your homes. For your sweethearts. For your wives. FOR VIRGINIA! Forward! March!" -General Lewis A. Armistead Battle of Gettysburg July 3, 1863

So, I went to Virginia last week- Wednesday to Sunday- and it was DIVINE! How I love the beautiful green everywhere, the cool breeze, the history! and of course, my family- dog included! I had a great time that included a visit to Gettysburg, the famous Waterford Fair, a bike
ride to Georgetown and a boat ride on the C & O Canal, a trip to the Hovell-turned-Cabin, dinner with Marc, Sarah, Missy, Rachel, Mom, Dad, and, of course, Joseph, and... a dinner and then a stroll around the monuments and National Mall which included a GREAT face-to-face talk with my best friend Amy! It was perfect. The only bad part was when it ended- and the fact that I slept very little and that John and Gwen were unable to come down from Princeton! But overall, it was GREAT! I love everyone! and I LOVE Virginia!

Here are some pictures: From the top: VIRGINIA! Next: Dad's Cabin- cute huh? Then Joseph on the bike ride, Joseph in Gettysburg, and Joseph and me in Gettysburg!

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