Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Votes for Women!

Women in The Congo

"The more we know about conflicts, the more we realize that women, who do not start conflicts, are often the victims, but women have tremendous potential to being peacemakers and peacekeepers."
-Hillary Clinton

Some good NPR articles on the Problems in the Congo of late: Just click on the title

In War Zones, Rape Is A Powerful Weapon by Michele Kelemen:

Can U.S. Help End Rape As a Weapon in Congo's War? by Corey Flintoff:

"The systematic use of sexual violence as a weapon in eastern Congo is "one o f mankind's greatest atrocities," Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said"

"The United Nations has recorded at least 200,000 cases of sexual violence against girls and women in the region since 1996."

Group Fights Rape in Democratic Republic of Congo, LISTEN!:

"Rape — as much as guns or knives — has become a savage weapon in the civil wars of Congo. Hundreds of thousands of women reportedly have been systematically sexually attacked during the conflict."
"...rape is a very cheap form of warfare..."

Congolese Rape Survivor Shares Nation's Struggles, LISTEN!:

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