Thursday, December 03, 2009

Don't Let Others Be Lonely

A Beautiful Song. I saw this live at The Mormon Tabernacle Choir's weekly Sunday morning broadcast of Music and the Spoken Word the Sunday before I entered the MTC and I have thought about it ever since then and I finally found it on Youtube!

Click on the second video for "There but for you go I."

Click HERE

The Lyrics:
This is hard to say, but as I wandered through the lea,
I felt for just a fleeting moment that
I suddenly was free of being lonely.
Then I closed my eyes and saw the very reason why.
I saw a man with his head bowed low.
His heart had no place to go.
I looked and I thought to myself with a sigh:
There but for you go I.
I saw a man walking by the sea,
Alone with the tide was he.
I looked and I thought as I watched him go by:
There but for you go I.
Lonely men around me, trying not to cry,
Till the day you found me, there among them was I.
I saw a man who had never known a love that was all his own.
I thought as I thanked all the stars in the sky:
There, but for you, go I.

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