Friday, December 04, 2009

Valerie Hudson- 97th Top Thinker in the World

Foreign Policy Magazine recently ranked BYU's very own Valerie Hudson as one of the Top 100 Thinkers in the World! This is amazing. Here is the Blurb about her:

97. Valerie Hudson

for showing that gender imbalances have global consequences.

Political scientist | Brigham Young University | Provo, Utah

Hudson's indispensable 2004 study Bare Branches may have been partially responsible for the scaling back of China's one-child policy; the book, written with Andrea den Boer, explored how unequal sex ratios in a country might augur war, social unrest, and other problems. This year, Hudson used her knowledge of the impact of sex ratios on society to explore not just the widening gap in China but also the impact of the Great Recession, which left millions more men than women unemployed, with potentially disastrous implications for security worldwide.

Worst idea: Leaving Afghanistan to the Taliban. Have you asked the little girls of Afghanistan what they think of that idea?

She is a very impressive person and what I love most is that she is at BYU! For those who think that members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are not pro-woman, think again!

Here is another link to an article by Dr. Hudson about the correlation between the status of woman and the security of the state. Very interesting and SO true! From the different lectures that I have attended and documentaries I have seen, the correlation is clear and as we recognize it more and more we can begin to do something about it and maybe change the world. :)

"The Heart of the Matter: The Security of Women and the Security of States"

Here is a quote from that article that can get you excited about it:

"In 2006 Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan opined, “The world is . . .
starting to grasp that there is no policy more effective [in promoting development,
health, and education] than the empowerment of women and girls. And
I would venture that no policy is more important in preventing conflict, or in
achieving reconciliation after a conflict has ended.” p.8


Check out the whole Foreign Policy Magazine Top 100 Thinkers article and read about some of the top thinkers in the modern world- I recommend learning about number 10: Sayyid Imam al-Sharif- very interesting.

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