Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Good and The Bad

Sometimes I am amazed how life can go on when such terrible things are happening in the world, but I am also grateful for it. I just read about a terrible slaughter in Nigeria where at least 200 people, mostly Christians, were killed in Dogo Nahawa, Nigeria. Go here to read about it. It is really terrible, and as I read more about it, I read about many other terrible massacres that have been going on for the last ten years in rural Nigeria that I had never even heard about! What misery for those people! And too often it feels like the rest of the world is just turning their backs on these people. And, I believe, in some sense we are, and much more needs to be done. At the same time, however, I am glad that even in this world of misery there are so many wonderful things going on and people doing their best to help those who are stuck in hard places. It has come to be my belief more and more as I learn about the world and its many problems and many many injustices, that those of us who are spared them are being tested in a different way. We are being tested to see if we will reach out and do what we can to help. I like to preach a little too much on this blog, talk about what we "need" to do and I apologize for that, but I do feel much better when I realize the potential that I have to do something to help someone in another part of the world, or even here in the U.S.

I am also always amazed at the resilience of the people who have to go through unimaginable trials and tragedy. They should be an example to us comfortable Americans. This is a new goal of late for me, to really try and be positive. Not just on the surface positive, but genuinely so. I try to take a step back and realize that IT IS REALLY NOT THAT BAD! If I did badly on a test, or if that special someone didn't look my way, or if my dog died, it is OKAY and there are SO many positive things to outweigh the negative. I am excited to graduate from college and move on to the "Go Forth to Serve" part in my school's motto.

Also, a brief mention of an epiphany that I had on the way to school today: I was walking to class and I made eye contact with a girl walking the other direction and said "hi" and kept going. Half a second later she turned and said to me "Hey, thanks for making eye contact. I've had a really bad day and everyone is always looking at the ground." Wow! I had no idea that my making eye contact and saying hello would make such an impression, and, REALLY, SHE made MY day by being so nice and recognizing the effort at a nice gesture.

So, my epiphany was that THERE ARE SUCH WONDERFUL, GOOD PEOPLE IN THE WORLD ALL AROUND ME AND I SHOULD MEET THEM AND SAY "HELLO" TO THEM! It gave me hope. It added fuel to my "Be Positive" fire and I really think that life can be great, just as long as I include others and think of others. I hope I reread this in 20 minutes when my homework has once again depressed me...

Life has such great potential! I need to value it more, and especially think of the value of the lives lost or touched by tragedy throughout the world. So, live life, love life, and help save lives!



austin said...

Awesome awesome post. I am a fan of (in no particular order):
the drawing of your random act of kindness (that I really hope you made yourself)
the strong desire for social justice
the positivity attitude--something I need to work on a lot myself
and all the capital lettered words, they really do work in this instance


Katherine Anne Wilkinson said...

Liz, I just LOVE YOU! It is so easy for us as Americans to feel so removed from world events, but I am glad to be reminded and in some way, even if it is small, take action. It also makes me be glad to be LDS because I know that among other things, our church does so many good things to help other people. And I love your dog! And I loved having you over for the fireside, and I love seeing you at the track! Sorry this is such a long post, but keep them up because I really love them!

Amy said...

And yes, you are amazing...especially your artistry.

STEVEN said...

You're right...THERE ARE SUCH WONDERFUL, GOOD PEOPLE IN THE WORLD ALL AROUND. Because YOU are around. (Note: This is probably the nicest I have ever been so don't expect this kind of behavior ever again.)